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Enter The Danger Brigade

"Enter the Danger Brigade" is Calibretto 13's debut album on Tooth & Nail Records and proof that this band is a heartland miracle. The music is hard-edged and well-played alternative folk-punk and it's straight outta Kokomo, Indiana! The songs will take you through an emotional rollercoaster complete with laughing, screaming, and dancing. This is music for fans of The Violent Femmes and The Aquabats.

Quick Bio

Calibretto 13's vocalist, guitarist and main songwriter Joseph Whitehead used to sing for change on the streets of his hometown Kokomo. "One day I plan to go back to that," Joe says. But in the meantime, he plans to keep making music with his band Calibretto 13, the members of which - Chris Thomas on drums and Aaron Richardson on bass - he met during his busking days.

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Calibretto 13


Joseph Whiteford - Vocals, Guitar
Chris Thomas - Drums, Vocals
Chad Serhal - Bass