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The Dying Art Of Life

Hard work, a notable hometown following, and merited local radio attention, aren’t the only things the Fighting Jacks have to boast of. How about incontestable talent, a fiery brew of post-punk indie rock, heavy mainstream appeal, and their first full-length album released on Tooth & Nail Records? Recorded in January of 2003 at Radio Star Studios in Weed, CA with Sylvia Massy Shivy (Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers), "The Dying Art Of Life," has already propelled this burgeoning band to befitting new heights and will continue to do so.

Quick Bio

Fighting Jacks have recently become the quintessential community-supported and rapidly burgeoning local band for San Jose, CA. Their volatile brew of post-punk and indie rock with a heavy sprinkling of mainstream appeal has enchanted audiences from the beginning. The members of the Fighting Jacks have come by their current credentials not by luck or chance, but by a healthy combination of hard work and raw talent.

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Casey Linstrum - Guitar, Vocals
Cory Linstrum - Bass, Vocals
Mike Wright - Guitar, Vocals
Dave "Opey" Provenzano - Drums