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Give Back Track List

  1. Another Tradgedy
  2. Castles
  3. your Eyes
  4. Spare Me
  5. One Year
  6. Bitter End
  7. The Day We Lived
  8. All I Have
  9. That day (still lingers in my mind)
  10. Moving Out
  11. Why'd I run?
  12. Can i?
  13. Night After Night

Quick Bio

How many bands lose their songwriting apparatus and come back swinging? Indiana pop-punk trio Side Walk Slam have done it - twice now, in fact. Since Past Remains, their debut album, SWS have released two subsequent albums, Give Back and their newest, ...And We Drive. Original singer/songwriter Marcuss Hall left the band after the first album, though he penned all but two of the tracks on the second; ...And We Drive is the first album featuring the writing talents of bassist Josiah Curtis. "It's not really all that surprising that we 'bounced back' from Marcuss's departure, because Josiah has always had an amazing talent to write songs," drummer Matt Jackson says. "It's just when Marcuss left, it gave him the chance to step up - a chance to shine, if you will. I think Marcuss's style may still show a bit in our writing, but I definitely feel we've moved on to a bit of a different sound."

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Side Walk Slam


Josiah Curtis - Vocals, Bass
Neil Endicott - Guitar
Matt Jackson - Drums