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Cruel To Be Young

"This record was an attempt to give the feeling I had growing up listening to an album until the music rubbed off the disc and I made an honest connection with it," says front man Robert Chisolm. The musical and lyrical planes of "Cruel To Be Young" hearken back to an era in the not too distant past when a true value was put on full albums and anticipation mounted around a street date, as opposed to being a brief blip on the radar.

Quick Bio

When Jonezetta officially landed on the alternative rock radar with 2006’s Tooth & Nail debut Popularity, it was impossible to ignore its neo-new wave grooves and overall infectiousness. Fast forward to 2008’s Cruel To Be Young on the same label and the Mississippi-bred fivesome elevates its creative palate to even more astute degrees, refined by endless hours on the road alongside the likes of Anberlin, Bayside, Mute Math, Shiny Toy Guns, Meg & Dia and The Whigs (to name a few).

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Robert Chisolm - Vocals, Guitar
Kyle Howe - Guitar
Ty Garvey - Bass
Alex Warren - Drums
Tyler Kemp - Keys