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Cover Your Eyes

Sullivan, hailing from the college town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, has created the captivating record for which your senses are starving - every song is a story flying wildly from theme to theme, each one just as erratic, compelling and mysterious as day to day existence. Soaring with emotion and resilience, the album, entitled "Cover Your Eyes," is a modern day tour-de-force that blasts back-to-back genre defying anthems teeming with catchy hooks and melodies bursting with character. The five musicians that make up Sullivan have combined their individual musical prowess, passions and influences to create an explosive hour of aural bliss in the form of their sophomore album, set to hit eardrums nationwide on June 5th via Tooth & Nail. "Cover Your Eyes" is poised to rock the world's socks off.

Quick Bio

America's next great emotional rock band has arrived. Sullivan's debut album, "Hey I'm A Ghost," is an eleven track offering showcasing soaring guitars, sentimental vocals and arena-rock sized drumming sure to excite fans of Jimmy Eat World and Sunny Day Real Estate.

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Brooks Paschal - Guitar, Vocals
Zach Harward - Bass
Tyson Shipman - Guitar
Phil Chamberlain - Drums