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Monster EP

EP available exclusively at Hot Topic stores, the band’s website, as well as on the band’s upcoming tour. The limited edition EP - which will have five different covers and the full album packaging for "Monster Monster" - will include two CDs, one of music and a second disc. Fans that purchase the EP will be able to use the blank CD to download the full "Monster Monster" album with a promotional code the day of release from, a division of Hot Topic.  The version streeting on November 3rd will not include the special five-cover packaging or the Limited Edition EP.

Quick Bio

It's all too easy to make an album in this day and age. You rent out a studio, record one part, and then cut and paste it across the whole record. That happens partly because of fear. Putting your soul on tape is a scary thing. THE ALMOSTovercame that fear and did something completely different for not only themselves but modern rock as a whole. They holed up in a small room in Nashville's Omni Studios for only five days and played every note of their third full-length album, FEAR INSIDE OF OUR BONES (Tooth & Nail/EMI/Universal), together in unison. Now, there's an overwhelming thunder on the horizon. It's the sound of a band realizing its potential. It's the sound of life. It's the sound of THE ALMOST.

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Aaron Gillespie - Vocals, Guitar
Dusty Redmon - Guitar
Jay Vilardi - Guitar
Jon Thompson - Bass
Joe Musten - Drums