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Hello, Mannequin

Like electro-pop pioneers before him like Kraftwek, John Foxx, and early Human League, Joy Electric’s latest effort entitled, “Hello Mannequin” is electronic music made the way it was originally intended, with a slight nod towards the future. Written, produced and recorded by Ronnie Martin at the band’s own Electric Joy Toy Company, the album is being completed entirely on a vintage Roland System 100 analog modular synthesizer system. With no computers, drum machines, samplers or traditional instrumentation, the classic songwriting influences that shape Martin’s work also add a slight bit of tension to the intricate synth programming. Look for it everywhere June 1, 2004.

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"The world changes materially. Science makes advances in technology and understanding. But the world of humanity doesn't change." – Pierre Schaeffer

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Ronnie Martin - Vocals, Synthesizers