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With song inspiration ranging from a Pride & Prejudice moment of hopeless romanticism (“Safe to Say”) to an ode to a shall-remained nameless member of the opposite sex (“Blue Sweater”), sisters Shealeen and Elle Puckett, also known as acoustic-pop duet Poema, love serving up melodic slices of life to a broad audience.

Their debut release showcases lilting melodies, memorable harmonies and relatable songs. “Whenever we’re going through a situation, even a rough one, instead of getting mad about it, we’ll just go write a song about it.” Elle says. “And because we’re writing music with such universal themes, it ends up appealing to everyone, which is exactly what a good song does for us, regardless of the musical genre."

Quick Bio

There is nothing average about the beautiful sister duo Poema. Creating their own songs and their own sounds, Shealeen and Elle have fully embraced their musical heritage and yet simultaneously forged new paths with the music they are making.

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Poema 2012


Shealeen Puckett - Vocals, Piano
Elle Puckett - Vocals, Guitar