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Triple Pak of Punk Track List

  1. Another Day
  2. Constancy
  3. Angel
  4. Peace Of Mind
  5. Hide & Seek
  6. Lucky
  7. Have I Said Too Much?
  8. Elisa
  9. Don't Mess With Texas
  10. Good Intentions
  11. This Is Your Life
  12. There's A Reason
  13. I Guess
  14. Not That Far
  15. Body Juggler
  16. Seasons
  17. South Capitol Street
  18. Ooklah The Punk
  19. Tract Boy
  20. Scared Am I
  21. Samson
  22. Shrinky Dinks
  23. Spice Drops
  24. Money
  25. Super Sumo
  26. Knock Knock
  27. Dry Run
  28. Never
  29. Graduation Day
  30. One Way Out
  31. Come Back
  32. Final Request
  33. Happy Star
  34. Blank
  35. Sunday Christian
  36. Missing You
  37. Down & Out
  38. Lean On Me
  39. Sticks And Stones
  40. Fun For Now
  41. The Ballad
  42. Loner
  43. Brethren

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Tooth & Nail Records is more than a music company to the people who support our bands worldwide and the hard-working staff who consider our offices a second home, their coworkers a second family. What began in a bedroom over a decade ago has grown organically to become the enthusiastic support system behind many of the most important rock bands operating, including Underoath, Emery, Hawk Nelson, Thousand Foot Krutch and The Almost. With headquarters in Seattle and offices in Nashville, Tennessee and elsewhere, Tooth & Nail Records is also the parent company to Solid State Records (Demon Hunter, Haste The Day) and BEC Recordings (Jeremy Camp, Kutless).

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