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Ten Years

Emery—which currently includes singer Toby Morrell, guitarist Matt Carter, keyboardist Josh Head and drummer Dave Powell— released their first full-length debut on Tooth & Nail Records in 2004 with T"he Weak’s End," followed by 2005’s "The Question." The band’s ever-building momentum continued in 2007 with "I’m Only A Man" and 2008 with the "When Broken Hearts Prevail EP", leading up to the group’s monumental 2009 release "...In Shallow Seas We Sail," which captured a creative zenith for Emery that fans and critics still savor. After its release Emery toured extensively, with Underoath and August Burns Red on a fall/winter tour, before embarking on the “Scream it Like You Mean it” tour in the summer of 2010. Heading into 2011, Emery introduced their newest and heaviest record to date, "We Do What We Want." With over 450,000 records sold, this is Emery’s 10th year as a band. Years of hard work, touring and writing have led to thousands of devoted fans worldwide and numerous songs to fall in love with. "Ten Years" is a collection of the band’s most popular songs; a snapshot of what has been a brilliant career thus far - and a taste of what’s to come.

Quick Bio

First appearances can be quite deceiving, like the ethereal synths that introduce “The Cheval Glass”—opening track on Emery’s We Do What Want. After these initial few moments of calming serenity, listeners are rocketed onto a jarring collision course with some of the most pummeling music the band has ever recorded, quickly turning into a white-knuckle thrill ride destined to have fans holding on tight. It doesn’t let up much from there.

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Toby Morell - Vocals , Guitar
Matt Carter - Guitar
Josh Head - Keyboard
Dave Powell - Drums