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Room To Run

Highly stylized aesthetics and lushly layered pop might be where to find the roots of States in terms of sound, but the essence of the band holds itself under the idea that creation comes from collaboration. Ideas need to be cultivated, grown, and harvested. From this, States' debut album "Room to Run" is much more than an album full of '90s chart minded hooks; it's a debut of a band that works as a collective.

Formerly of Copeland and Lydia, the members of States found each other as those chapters in their lives came to a close and began refining their early demos into the beginning stages of something special. Under the production guise of Aaron Sprinkle at the Compound Recording Studios in Seattle, each song's eclectic axis became multi-layered portraits shedding light on what it took to get States to be a band. Their past growth and self-discovery had been frozen and framed into a debut album.

"Room to Run" is about moving on as much as it is about the surprise of crafting songs free of hesitation — a glorious letting go to roam free and unbound, like the lost boys in Neverland. The rules here are what you make them.

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Stephen Laurenson
Bryan Laurenson
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Dean Lorenz