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RAW ROCK is here to overtake you. With Showbread leading the frenzy, there’s no doubt it will succeed.

“When it comes to our everyday ‘slang’ almost all of the words we use we made up, or mocked at first and then couldn’t shake,” explains guitarist Matt Davis of where the term originated. “Our word for all forms of ‘good’ is raw. No one ever knew what to say when people asked what style of music we were, so rather than come up with some hyphen filled moniker, we just started saying ‘raw rock’ and turned it into our campaign.”

The campaign has left more than a small dent on their rapidly expanding fan-base. From their roots down south in their homeland of Savannah, Georgia, all the way up north, and across the nation, the buzz of a spastic band named Showbread can be seen via their raw rock propaganda. Not only are t-shirts and stickers branded with the moniker popping up at a show near you, but their stylin’ threads of red and black are becoming the model to mimic as well.

And it’s no wonder, as Showbread consistently present a show not easily forgotten. With seven equally energetic bodies swarming the stage like a multitude of angry bees, propelling their guitars, shaking their hips, and leading the audience to sing and dance-alongs galore; it’s an image that will stick in the minds of the audience for months to come.

“We just try to portray the energy of the songs and have fun…and feed the crowd…it’s just a good time…chaos, but beautiful,” Davis explains.

However, with such pandemonium displayed in their live show, it seems the real challenge would be to create an album worthy of displaying this dynamism. But with the help of veteran producer, Silvia Massy (Prince, Tool, Johnny Cash), the sound of Showbread has never been stronger.

“No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical,” is the product of the culmination of all the above. And the 13 tracks of non-stop raw rock will have listeners boisterously singing along to infectious tunes like their single, “Mouth Like a Magazine” while still feeling their perpetual intensity throughout.

And as far as subject matter of the album is concerned, topics number even higher than the amount of members that comprise the band. “Gossip and bitterness, art, Christians versus controversy, a lament from a man to his dead wife, a song about the author Franz Kafka meeting the giant roach from his story, ‘The Metamorphosis,’ it’s a pretty broad spectrum,” Davis elaborates.

Still with all the directions Showbread seem to be traveling, one thing remains the same: their pursuit of raw rock for the masses. “The world is ours for the taking and we will take it in the name of raw rock,” Davis concludes. “Everyone will see clearly when raw rock owns the world of art and music. Amen. Amen.”

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RAW ROCK is here to overtake you. With Showbread leading the frenzy, there’s no doubt it will succeed.

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Matt Davis - Lead Guitar
Mike Jensen - Guitar
Ivory Mobley - Vocals
Patrick Porter - Bass
Josh Dies - Vocals
Marvin Reily - Drums
John Giddens - Keytar