Posted Thursday, June 17, 2004 by Casey

mewithoutYou Studio Journal #3!

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We are down to crunchtime!!!! We have less than eight days left to
finish our record. It seems we still have so much left to do, I don't know though, you never can tell with these things. Maybe it is all in my mind. Aaron has put down vocals for eight tracks, all the guitar and drums are done, all's that left is a bit of keyboard, some percussion, and mixing. Things have come together rather nicely. The sounds are flushing together well, instruments complementing each other, vocals tying it all up like a neatly wrapped present.

The next week and a half we are fully booked. Jay Leno and the Tonight
Show, The Prices Right, a headlining show in San Diego, mixing, driving home, yada yada yada. Everything is going great, everything is coming our way, I feel really lucky. This summer and fall we have much to look forward to, a headlining tour and a support for Blindside and then the record release. Thanks for reading, my closing thoughts: theives aren't good for anyone, hot tubs are still amazing, I am gonna win a car on the Price Is Right and home is where the heart is.

Hi Mom.


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