Posted Tuesday, June 1, 2004 by Casey

mewithoutYou Studio Journal #2!

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We seem to be moving right along, even a little bit ahead of the ol' schedule. The typical studio day has been pleasantly laid back so far mainly because we are recording right here at Brad Wood's house. Once we started to make ourselves at home here, recording the music has become a lot like playing back in Rickie's basement. It's a fun, family atmosphere. I wouldn't trade this for any stuck up studio.

We get to record the music for about 1 song a day, sometimes 2, so we all
are working on something every day so far. Aaron has been sparse around the studio, I suppose he's off pouring his heart out into his lyrics book somewhere. The music has been coming along amazingly so far. We've done some of the best work as a band this past week and I'm super proud of my friends/bandmates. I guess it's just nice to finally get these tunes tracked and sounding the way we all know they should sound. We played 4 or 5 of them on our last tour, but a good amount of these songs are freshly written and are just now getting fleshed out properly.

I realized today that we have a great collection of music here and that we
are making an album which musically dwarfs our first LP. As pleased with [A->B] as we all were, we are only sounding better and better in our sessions here. Maybe all of our touring and playing together over the past two years has shaped us into something beyond anything we thought we had in us. Well, it's all coming out now and I hope it never stops.



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