Posted Friday, May 28, 2004 by Casey

mewithoutYou Studio Journal!

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Big time!

This is Rickie Mazzotta. We have been brought out to California to make a
record with a fellow named Brad Wood. This is a good thing cause I don't do too much while I am at home. I used to have a job at Produce Junction, but I quit working there. I quit it for the greater glory, what that glory is, I am not entirely sure of.

Where I am at now is somewhat of a monument in my lifetime. I get to work
with a man who stood by the side of many artists and bands that I fell in love with as a kid. His records took me through grade school, they took me through high school, they got me through college, and they have me sitting here now banging on things with sticks. It's great. We have been in Los Angeles for two weeks now, and are into our fifth day of recording. We
have plans to record thirteen tracks. I hope to have all 13 on there but
you never know until you're done which will make the cut and which will be left on the chopping block.

In the last five days I have layed out six drum tracks. We are all super
thrilled to be working with dude. He is super nice, has a good ear and a great house where we sit all day and fiddle about with our instruments. Things couldn't be better. I am alive, am well fed, hanging with my best friends and making a record. I still can't get over the fact that dude worked with Liz Phair and Billy Corgan and Pete Yorn and Jeremy Enigk and now he is working with us. I hope you all enjoy whatever it is we put out; I am sure my excitement is more than yours.

My closing thoughts on Cali, Ralph's is too expensive, El Pollo Loco's
avocado sauce is incredible, it needs to rain more often, hot tubs are better than cold tubs, the record is going to satisfy and I am too tired to be awake.

Thanks for reading. Hi Mom.


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