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When you think about Dead Poetic's new album, “Vices,” think classic rock n' roll or the '90s alt-rock nation. “Vices” owes more to Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam than whichever "scene" bands have skipped the VFW Halls and gone straight to the mainstream this week. Sure, Dead Poetic's breakout album New Medicines evidenced touches of the now over-played sound. But Dead Poetic has always evolved. ”Vices” reflects their strongest evolution yet.

Unencumbered by expectations, Dead Poetic set out to write the record they had always wanted to make. The end result is something more honest in every sense of the word, musically and lyrically. Songs like “Crashing Down” and “Paralytic,” co-written with Deftones Chino Moreno (who also guests) are the tip of a rich iceberg full of new sounds. Look for “Vices” in stores now!

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As simply as the words slip off the lips of an imperative rock critic, their force can send shivers of dread down the spine of any aspiring musician, circulate waves of disapproval amongst listeners, and ultimately set the tone for a band’s future as they know it. It’s called the “Sophomore Slump,” and in the uncertain world of the music industry, it can become the definitive moment in a band’s career; a moment that can either unravel to an untimely demise for a group, or if conquered, prove not only a maturity or growth in their sound, but a promise for success to come.

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Dead Poetic


Zach Miles - Guitar
Brandon Rike - Vocals
Dusty Redmon - Guitar
Jesse Sprinkle - Drums
John Brehm - Bass