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In April 2002, the five members of Bleach entered Dark Horse Studios in Nashville, TN to fashion their fifth album, "Astronomy." All the tracks were put down on tape, without pro tools or digital technology. When the band was faced with studio deadlines, forcing a hurried effort, the end result was an album darker than what was intended, but full of messages in the power of healing and hope amidst the trials of life. Hitting ears with a perfect blend of sonic energy and somber beauty, "Astronomy" is yet more proof that the boys from Bleach inspire.

Quick Bio

There’s generally something routine about a band constructing a new record: Compose the music to your liking, write the lyrics, often regarding personal experiences of the moment, and then go to the studio to record your creation. Then, sometimes, routine changes.

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Dave Baysinger - Vocals
Sam Barnhart - Guitar, Vocals
Milam Byers - Guitar
Jerry Morrison - Bass
Jared Byers - Drums