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Fanmail 2000

"Fanmail 2000" is the almost self-titled sohpomore release from, yes, Fanmail. (You had a 50/50 chance at that one.) This album if fast and fiery and full of energy. In songs like "Shut Your Mouth", the bands' raw talent speaks through noisy, thick guitars and passionate lyricism. And there is plenty of it to fill the other 10 guitar-driven tracks found on this daring piece of punk rock. Covering "I Want it that Way" from the Backstreet Boys makes this album a must have.

Quick Bio

What is Fanmail? A perfect synthesis of spiritual dedication, artistic vision and rock energy. Led by Scott Siletta (former frontman for Plankeye), their second release, "Fanmail 2000," is an album about wanting to be a real hero, how we often lack the courage to be that hero and the humble heroes that surround us every day. The songs touch everything in Scott's life, from his beautiful wife ("Genny") to his relationship with the late Gene Eugene ("The Other Side"), who was helping record the album the day he died.

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Scott Siletta - Vocals, Guitar
P. Guyton - Bass, Background Vocals
M. Tesch - Lead Guitar
C. Cummings - Drums
J. Fleetwood - Bass
D. Yob - Guitar
Jason - Drums