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Bombs Over Broadway Track List

  1. Bombs Over Broadway
  2. Apocalypse Now
  3. Renegade
  4. We Rule The Night
  5. Restless Youth
  6. Lost Boys
  7. Tramps On The Run
  8. Lost In The City
  9. Rock & Roll Bandit
  10. They'll Never Take Me Alive
  11. Don't Look Back

Quick Bio

Squad Five-O released a debut on Tooth & Nail Records last year that raised the level for underground rock and roll bands. Full of fist-pumping gritty anthems, clanging and splintering guitars, and the incessant banging of a cowbell, it established the band as an-ahead-of-its-time return to "The Rock." In the words of CCM Magazine, the album put modern rock "closer to the heart of Squad Five-O's passion for radical faith in a dark world.

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Squad Five-0


Jeff Fortson - Vocals, guitar
John Fortson - Bass
Adam Garbinski - Guitar
Kris Klein - Guitar
Dave Petersen - Drums