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Revenge of the OC Supertones

In 1996 the OC Supertones burst on to the music scene with their debut release “Adventures of the OC Supertones,” quickly making them one of the founding bands to BEC Recordings continued success following. Now 8 years and six releases later, the boys who put Orange County on the map are gearing up with a brand new album entitled, “Revenge of the Supertones,” out June 15th. Look for all the fun-loving grooves that have found their place on previous releases while offering a throwback to their earlier sound of upbeats and swinging choruses, right in time for summer! But don’t expect their message to be drowned out in the music, their same faith and positive message is shared in full force on this BEC Recordings releases, keeping them as Christian music favorites, just as they have been since their inception.

Quick Bio

It’s way scary when your passion, your talent—the very thing that unites thousands of people, pays your bills, and even burns your calories—

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The OC Supertones


Final Line - Up
Matt "Mojo" Morginsky - Vocals (1995
Jason Carson - Drums (1995
Nathan Spencer - Trombone (2010
Tony "Toneman" Terusa - Bass (1995
Darren "Chief" Mettler - Trumpet (1995
Jesse Craig - Guitar (2010
Josh Auer - Guitar (2011 Present)

Former Members
Daniel Spencer - Trombone (1995
Ethan Luck - Guitar (2000
John Wilson - Drums (2002
Chris Beaty - Bass (2003
Bret Barker - Trumpet (2004
Kevin "Slim" Chen - Guitar (1995
Jason Joel Lautenschleger - Saxophone (1996
Dave Chevalier - Saxophone (1996
Brian "Bronson" Johnson - Guitar (1999)
Adam Ferry - Drums (2000
Bram Roberts - Trumpet (2002)