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Hi Fi Revival

Hi-Fi Revival is full of enough rock-steady rhythm and blues to get the most emo of wallflowers out of their misery and on the dance floor. Jaw-dropping production and immaculate arrangements do the fans right and make loud and clear that the Supertones aren't going anywhere. Uplifting and heart-warming, the Tones once again bring a message of hope and a bad case of dancin' fever. Can't stop the rock.

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It’s way scary when your passion, your talent—the very thing that unites thousands of people, pays your bills, and even burns your calories—

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The OC Supertones


Final Line - Up
Matt "Mojo" Morginsky - Vocals (1995
Jason Carson - Drums (1995
Nathan Spencer - Trombone (2010
Tony "Toneman" Terusa - Bass (1995
Darren "Chief" Mettler - Trumpet (1995
Jesse Craig - Guitar (2010
Josh Auer - Guitar (2011 Present)

Former Members
Daniel Spencer - Trombone (1995
Ethan Luck - Guitar (2000
John Wilson - Drums (2002
Chris Beaty - Bass (2003
Bret Barker - Trumpet (2004
Kevin "Slim" Chen - Guitar (1995
Jason Joel Lautenschleger - Saxophone (1996
Dave Chevalier - Saxophone (1996
Brian "Bronson" Johnson - Guitar (1999)
Adam Ferry - Drums (2000
Bram Roberts - Trumpet (2002)