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Hey, I'm A Ghost

Should melodic hooks and intelligent introspection be mutually exclusive? Not if you ask Sullivan, the North Carolina rock band whose debut album "Hey I'm A Ghost" boasts a surprising mix of instrumental depth and instantly memorable pop-leaning crooning. Produced by Matt Goldman (Copeland) and mixed by Mike Watts, the album is shocking in its depth, recalling the greatest moments of Jimmy Eat World and Sunny Deal Real Estate while carving out a niche that is distinctly Sullivan's sole territory. Sullivan has come leaps and bounds from when singer/guitarist Brooks Paschal and bass player Zach Harward were writing songs with a drum machine a few years ago, adding drummer Phil Chamberlain (brother of Underoath vocalist Spencer) and guitarist Tyson Shipman to fully realize their sound and their shared dream of truly connecting with fans emotionally.

"The Sullivan record blew all of my expectations away. It usually takes bands 2-3 records and 5 years of playing together to write songs that fluent and cohesive. These dudes have something special, and it scares me to think things are only going to get better from here." - Tim McTague (Underoath)

Quick Bio

America's next great emotional rock band has arrived. Sullivan's debut album, "Hey I'm A Ghost," is an eleven track offering showcasing soaring guitars, sentimental vocals and arena-rock sized drumming sure to excite fans of Jimmy Eat World and Sunny Day Real Estate.

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Brooks Paschal - Guitar, Vocals
Zach Harward - Bass
Tyson Shipman - Guitar
Phil Chamberlain - Drums