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Finding Our Way

Hyland found success on the road and at radio with their Tooth & Nail Records debut release “Weights & Measures.” Hailing from Minneapolis, Hyland built an enthusiastic fan base quickly, resulting in their signing with Tooth & Nail. Since then, Hyland has toured with Fireflight, I Am Empire, and Children 18:3, with three of their singles “Jumping The Gun,” “This Love Is Free,” and “Crying Out” all breaking the top 20!

Jumping right in again with soaring melodies and catchy riffs, "Finding Our Way" picks up right where "Weights & Measures" left off. The Hyland guys are stepping it up with singles that will catch ears and hearts as they draw the listener in, continuing in the sonic veins of Jimmy Eat World, Anberlin, and Foo Fighters. The first single "Beauty In The Broken" has already caught waves at Christian Radio, and there is much more where that came from! Fans of "Weights & Measures" and new fans alike will appreciate the themes of faith and hope in "Finding Our Way."

“Jumping The Gun” peaked at #9 on Christian Rock radio
“Crying Out” peaked at #18 on Christian Rock radio
“This Love Is Free” peaked at #22 on CHR
“This Love Is Free” peaked at #15 on AC IND
“This Love Is Free” peaked at #29 on NCA

Quick Bio

Everyone is on a journey, and every journey has a direction. Signposts mark the way, but it’s up to us to follow them. For Hyland the journey’s been a little crazy lately. Two years ago they signed to Tooth & Nail Records, released their debut album, and gained a deep appreciation for the joys and surprises of their journey.

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Ben Early - Keys, Backing Vocals
Jon Lewis - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Mitchell Hansen - Guitar
Steve Weigel - Drums