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Time In Place Track List

  1. No Stranger to Worry
  2. To Listen & Say Nothing
  3. Hands of Penance
  4. Annica
  5. Laugh & The World Laughs With You
  6. Liable for Tragedy
  7. The Straight & The Winding Way
  8. Apeiron
  9. The Golden Age
  10. Cut Sign
  11. Weep & You Weep Alone
  12. Tied to the Sunset
  13. Overview

Quick Bio

Artifex Pereo’s last record left us suspended among stars. Their new one brings us crashing back down to Earth.

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Jamie Davis - Guitar/Vocals
Cory Eaves - Drums
Jordan Haynes - Guitar
Lucas Worley - Vocals
Eugene Barker - Bass
Jeremiah Brinkworth - Keys