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Memories - Single

XXI has just released their new song and video "Memories," which pays tribute to their fallen vocalist Eric Gentry. This Sunday marked the one year anniversary of his death.

Speaking on the song Seth Weigand (guitar/clean vocals) said, “"As hard as it is to capture the loss we feel, the song is really about outliving someone who was such a big part of your life. It’s about remembering them and carrying on their dreams for them.”"

The video captures the messages as well, following two friends from childhood until their twilight years. Weigand adds “what makes it a proper tribute to Eric for us is that his Dad and older brother appear in the video.”

Quick Bio

XXI is the newest signing on Tooth & Nail Records! Hailing from Central Kentucky and formerly known as A Feast For Kings, the band initially formed in 2010 and quickly grew from a hobby into a formidable band. Their independently released 2014 EP (Hell On Earth) even reached #5 on the iTunes metal chart.

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Carson Butcher - Vocals
Seth Weigand - Guitar/Vocals
Jamie King - Guitar
Robbie Barnett - Drums
Eric Gentry - The 5th Man