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Inside Out

XXI formed in 2010 under the name A Feast For Kings. The band independently released their first album Hell On Earth, which reached #5 on the iTunes Metal Chart! Tooth & Nail Records is proud to announced the signing of the band under their new name XXI (pronounced “ex-ex- eye”) with their first single “Memories” released in May 2015. The song is a tribute to their fallen singer, Eric Gentry, who passed away in early 2014.

XXI will release their Tooth & Nail debut album Inside Out on September 18, 2015.

Quick Bio

XXI is the newest signing on Tooth & Nail Records! Hailing from Central Kentucky and formerly known as A Feast For Kings, the band initially formed in 2010 and quickly grew from a hobby into a formidable band. Their independently released 2014 EP (Hell On Earth) even reached #5 on the iTunes metal chart.

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Carson Butcher - Vocals
Seth Weigand - Guitar/Vocals
Jamie King - Guitar
Robbie Barnett - Drums
Eric Gentry - The 5th Man