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Hawk Nelson's Christmas Is Available Now For $5.99!
Posted by Hawk Nelson on 11/01/11

Not only is it a big day today because Starbucks brought out their Christmas red cups, but Hawk Nelson's "Christmas" album is out today! They picked classics like "Silent Night," "Hark The Herald/O Come...

New Hawk Nelson "Your Love Is A Mystery" Lyric Video
Posted by Hawk Nelson on 06/06/11

Check out Hawk Nelson's new lyric video for "You Love Is A Mystery" which you can now hear on your local radio stations. Click Here or view it below!!

If you haven't gotten your copy of Crazy Love...check...

Hawk Nelson's New Album "Crazy Love" Is Available Now!
Posted by Hawk Nelson on 02/08/11

Hawk Nelson's new album "Crazy Love" is in stores and online now! You can download "Crazy Love" at iTunes or AmazonMP3...OR you can grab "Crazy Love" wherever you buy your music(Walmart, Best Buy, Family...

Check Out Hawk Nelson's "Crazy Love" Video Premiere!
Posted by Hawk Nelson on 02/03/11

Starting the release party early, Hawk Nelson debuts their music video today for their No. 1 radio single and title track “Crazy Love.” Check out the "Crazy Love Video Premiere!!"Crazy Love" releases...

Check Out Hawk Nelson's "Crazy Love" Pre-Order Options!
Posted by Hawk Nelson on 11/02/10

Hawk Nelson's new album "Crazy Love" is available for PRE-ORDER now!! Check out the options below! Their single "Crazy Love" is available now as well at iTunes and AmazonMP3!! Make sure and grab it today...

Hawk Nelson Says Happy Halloween With A FREE New Song "Skeleton!"
Posted by Hawk Nelson on 10/28/10

Hawk Nelson says Happy Halloween with a FREE new song download of "Skeleton" from their new album "Crazy Love" out Feb 2011! Grab your free download + a chance to win some prizes at hawknelson.com/skeleton!


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Quick Bio

Every coin has two sides: heads and tails. Both are necessary to the value of the coin. Neither is more important than the other. So it is with Tooth & Nail band Hawk Nelson. Flip heads, you get the band’s signature punk rock fun. Flip tails and find an introspection that fuels it all.

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Hawk Nelson


Jonathan Steingard - vocals/guitar
Daniel Brio - bass
Justin Benner - drums