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Tracks 2, 5, 7, 8, 10 from "Vices"
Produced by Aaron Sprinkle
Mixed by Josh Wilbur
Thirsty Moon River Publishing (ASCAP)
Lazy Yellow Moon Publishing (ASCAP)
Brehm Publishing (ASCAP)
Grevious Angel Publishing (ASCAP)
Skulls Without Jaws Publishing (ASCAP)
Blue Bar Industries Publishing (ASCAP)

Tracks 1, 3, 9, 12, 13 from "New Medicines"
Produced by Aaron Sprinkle
Mixed by JR McNeely
Thirsty Moon River Publishing (ASCAP)
Thoughts On Vinyl Music (ASCAP)

Tracks 4, 6, 11 from "Four Wall Blackmail"
Produced & Mixed by Barry Poynter
Thirsty Moon River Publishing (ASCAP)
Thoughts On Vinyl Music (ASCAP)

Demo versions engineered by Jesse Sprinkle at Blue Brick Recordings

"In Coma" (Acoustic Version) produced by Jonathan "Echo" Julca
Guest vocals by Katie Ann Denis
Recorded at La Casa Studios in Columbus, OH

Mastered by Troy Glessner at Spectre South

Art Direction: Invisible Creature
Design: Ryan Clark for Invisible Creature
Photography: Jerad Knudson

Quick Bio

As simply as the words slip off the lips of an imperative rock critic, their force can send shivers of dread down the spine of any aspiring musician, circulate waves of disapproval amongst listeners, and ultimately set the tone for a band’s future as they know it. It’s called the “Sophomore Slump,” and in the uncertain world of the music industry, it can become the definitive moment in a band’s career; a moment that can either unravel to an untimely demise for a group, or if conquered, prove not only a maturity or growth in their sound, but a promise for success to come.

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Dead Poetic


Zach Miles - Guitar
Brandon Rike - Vocals
Dusty Redmon - Guitar
Jesse Sprinkle - Drums
John Brehm - Bass