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Farewell Old Friends

Recorded at Bois D'Arc Music and Tire - Springfield, MO
Mark Townsend's Place - Spring Hill, TN
Dark Horse Studios - Franklin, TN
Royal Empire Studios - Spring Hill, TN

Produced by Oran Thornton
Executive Producer: Tyson Paoletti
Engineered and Mixed by Dan Leffler
Special Guest Engineer: Diesel Barnhart

Recorded on Professional Tools
Mixed at Cello Studios at The Los Angeles Ocean by the beach
Christa Joy Black provided the violin and the pretty voice
Oran graciously played various instruments and had a lot of the good ideas

Bleach supports:
Orange County Drum and Percussion
Gallien Krueger Bass Amplification
Orange Amplification
Reverend Guitars

Art Direction & Design: Asterik Studio, Seattle

All songs by Bleach
2005 Thirsty Moon River Publishing (ASCAP), Oceans By The Beach (ASCAP), We Own Your Songs (SESAC), and Tudor House Publishing (SESAC)
except "Good As Gold"; written by Matt Gingerich and Bleach: Matt Gingerich Publishing (SESAC), Thirsty Moon River Publishing (ASCAP), Oceans By The Beach (ASCAP), We Own Your Songs (SESAC), Tudor House Publishing (SESAC)
and "I've Been Everywhere" written by Geoffrey Mack, Unichappel Music Inc. (BMI)

Quick Bio

There’s generally something routine about a band constructing a new record: Compose the music to your liking, write the lyrics, often regarding personal experiences of the moment, and then go to the studio to record your creation. Then, sometimes, routine changes.

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Dave Baysinger - Vocals
Sam Barnhart - Guitar, Vocals
Milam Byers - Guitar
Jerry Morrison - Bass
Jared Byers - Drums