Watashi Wa

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Eager Seas Track List

  1. 10 Years and Separating States
  2. Face
  3. Free Ride
  4. Courtyard
  5. The Game
  6. Broken Man
  7. All That I Can't Keep
  8. 2:57
  9. Sydney Tonight
  10. All Of Me
  11. Father, Son.
  12. Something To Say

Quick Bio

Watashi Wa doesn't want to confuse anyone; they just want to do what it is they do, and do it well. "We're a pop-rock band, pretty straightforward, but I think we're doing things differently. I think our songs have melodies that stick in your head, but still hold maturity." Having drawn comparisons to bands doing just that, such as Superdrag, Green Day, and the Goo Goo Dolls, Watashi Wa's lyrical and melodic maturity sets them miles ahead of a rock market currently flooded with endless generic and underdeveloped bands spiraling towards obscurity. Memorable melodies accompanied by perfect pop simplicity fill their Tooth and Nail debut, "The Love of Life," and make clear that Watashi Wa is unmistakably a rock 'n roll band of substance and personality.

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Watashi Wa


Seth Alan - Vocals, Guitar
Lane Biermann - Drums, Vocals
Roger Tompkins - Bass, Vocals
Luke Page - Guitar, Vocals