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Rival Factions

As the name implies, Project 86 has delivered a confrontational 6th full-length, where not a single note, lyric, or track is wasted. This is, for certain, their most song-oriented and diverse release to date, proving that progression through evolution is a divine mandate. The songs are commercial and accessible without sacrificing intensity. Expanding upon their patented sound, there are hints of everything from vintage Danzig, Psychadelic Furs, Joy Division, and early, east-coast hardcore. Frontman Andrew Schwab states, “We just wanted to write songs we would enjoy listening to ourselves. We started doing this because we are music fans first, and we didn’t have any preconceived ideas about what this album should be, beyond knowing that the songs themselves needed to be memorable.” From the Cure-esque drama of “Molotov” to the Queens of the Stone Age-like force of “The Kane Mutiny” to the Misfits macabre of “Illuminate” this is a rock n’ roll record with more variety than most, which will keep you interested from front to back. In a time when heavy music is as narrow as it is predictable, Rival Factions may just challenge you to redefine your terms.

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Project 86


Andrew Schwab - Voice, Words
Randy Torres - Guitars, Keyboards, Background Vocals
Steven Dail - Bass, Background Vocals