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...And The Rest Will Follow

Return. Return. Return.
One word. One message. One resolve. It is as much of a command as it is a plea, as much of a call as it is a challenge. And it is the word that is the culmination of nine years as a band, a history that has led Project 86 to the here and now. After nearly 300,000 in lifetime sales, four albums, and fifteen national tours it seemed this Orange County, California outfit had begun to forget who they really were, why they had formed Project 86 in the first place. ...And the Rest Will Follow is about the return. This one word chorus is found on the fifth song of Project 86's fifth album.
Return. Return. Return.
...And The Rest Will Follow hit stores on September 27th, 2005.

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Project 86


Andrew Schwab - Voice, Words
Randy Torres - Guitars, Keyboards, Background Vocals
Steven Dail - Bass, Background Vocals