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Tooth & Nail Records is proud to announce the release of new signing We Are The City’s album Violent to the US on March 24th, 2015. The Vancouver, BC based trio, consisting of Cayne McKenzie (vocals/keys), David Menzel (guitar), and Andrew Huculiak (drums), are self-described as “a sonic roller coaster filled with ups and downs, louds and quiets. The [album] title’s implications are both positive and negative, stranding the line between the beautiful and the abrasive and encompassing the full scope of We Are The City’s musical maximalism.”

We Are The City puts together a dynamic, experimental take on pop rock, and they will be touring in support of Violent in the first half of 2015 and beyond! Fans of pop and rock alike will enjoy We Are The City’s catchy melodies and instrumentation.

Press Quotes:
“From the furious rhythms to the layered instrumentations and vocals, almost every song on this album hits the listeners’ ears with an urgency and impact that will leave them coming back, discovering more and more every time.” – Much Music

“It is almost unbelievable that Violent is only the sophomore effort from Canadian indie-rock band We Are The City....they are capable of making us feel so many emotions, even when they just use their instruments.” – Volent Success

“Balanced pop songcraft and unabashed prog-rock leanings .... We Are the City never really sounded like any other local act in the past.” –Exclaim!
“While being simultaneously beautiful and intense, the album largely departs from more upbeat sounds featured on High School and experiments with darker lyrics, heavier religious undertones, and an almost-sinister vibe that’ll awaken the pit in your stomach.” – Beatroute

“The empty spaces in the middle of the phrases are almost as important as the words themselves.” – MVRemix

“We Are the City’s sophomore album Violent is a progressive rock opus disguised as indie rock...It’s an album you want to have on repeat play.” – New Canadian Music

Quick Bio

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, We Are The City has steadily gained the reputation of being Canada’s consistently exciting, yet markedly unpredictable, cult-bands. Their previous full length, and sophomore album Violent was released in Europe by Sinnbus, in America by Tooth & Nail Records, and in Canada by Boompa Records. Violent (both the album and the film), went on to achieve international success.

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Cayne McKenzie - Vocals/Keys
David Menzel - Guitar
Andrew Huculiak - Drums